Education and Outreach

We have established a valued Creative Community across North Birmingham. We are working with BCC, local schools and charities to bring creativity to everyone.

We tailor our Outreach programme to suit your users. Examples to date include Sustainable Waste Management and Learn to Upcycle KS2 programme with local schools.

We have availability to extend this to other users throughout the summer term remotely and have begun offering VIP Membership access to charities for exclusive tutorials and 1-2-1s.

We are working on Artist in Residence Scheme to provide legacy for a current Birmingham City Council project with vulnerable adults. 

We have experience in tailoring workshops to varying needs and abilities and have collaborators who specialise in working with complex additional needs in both children and adults.

In short, if you have the need we have the creativity! Available in our Sutton Coldfield town centre community hub or ‘On Tour’ at your venue.

Our Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Creative Hub is a venue for use for all of the Community. From young to old, from miniature bricklaying to beeswax wrap making, from business networking to repair cafe, from crochet club to boutique.

Our cosy venue allows one and all a place to be.

We are child friendly, breastfeeding friendly, and we have an honesty kitchen available for you to make drinks.

Our homely atmosphere gives users a farmhouse table space for workshops and meetings or a cosy area to hand stitch and hang.

To use the hub, please fill in the form.

UP Collaborators

We have a network of artists and makers across the cultural and creative sectors. We believe in collaboration, we have specialists in their medium who have perfected their chosen art. We believe it is best practice to learn from the artist directly and so offer collaborators a space to do so.

If you are an artist please contact us to share our hub space.

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