The Loop

Are you In the Loop?

The loop refers to our circular economy.

The planet can not sustain us in our continued thoughtless consumption.

The loop offers an alternative to linear capitalism. 

The loop is a pay monthly subscription box where you can fill your boots with clothing, fabric and art resources from the UP Shack Selection that month. 

Your membership means that we can process and store donations and offer consultation on how best to buy sustainably. You are investing in Sutton Coldfield and making our town a trail blaizer leading the way in thinking differently and sharing what we have.


Does your business need every pen to be the same? Could we help you repurpose and personalise existing donated pens? 

Do your shopping bags come from non tax paying Amazon who ship them from China? Could we look at recycling paper or fabric to make them exactly what you want and promote your positive planet habits to your customers.

Yes, it is more work but our planet, our home, is worth the effort.

Corporate membership from £30 per month

*In return you receive one hour business buying consultation per quarter to look at your buying habits and where you can cut emissions, cut waste and cut costs.

*up to 10kgs of items from the UP shack in resources

*2 hour workshop of how to create resources from very little includes up to 6 members of staff trained.

If you choose to be ‘In the Loop’ you make a commitment to sustained habitual change in your organisation. It is not an easy option but it is the right one. 

Charitable organisations and new start ups from £10 per month

Registering for this quarterly subscription includes newsletter magazine which will keep you and your business In the Loop! 

We feature a round up of all the amazing projects and outcomes from each of our Change making efforts, to celebrate how the circular economy is benefiting us locally and globally.

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