We understand that each education setting, your staff and your children are unique and we’d love to work with you to tailor our professional offering to your needs.

Our network of fully trained, insured and DBS checked facilitators have a vast skill set and wealth of experience upon which to draw.  Our collaborators have been chosen as such because they combine both the artistic talents and the ability to offer the patience, imagination and dynamism required to make all arts accessible to all people.

Capable of thinking on our feet, we have handpicked artists who can be versatile in our approach and are able alternate activities to suit the group before us.  We prefer to keep workshops at a small enough ratio of artist to pupil so we are really able to respond to the reactions of the pupil, tailoring the activity to individual needs and getting the best possible impact from everyone in the room.

We have experience of running workshops alongside;

  • Elderly service users from DeafBlind UK with varying ability to see and hear.
  • Vulnerable adults and children with multiple complex needs.
  • Children on Special Education Needs Register.
  • Children with additional support needs.

We currently have bookings for a Four Session Key Stage 2 Schools Programme including visit to the haberdashery and creative community hub with local schools and can facilitate more in the Academic Year 20/21. We would love to develop a network of Eco and Creative Councils could you help us make this a reality? 

We also work with non-traditional school and education settings, including home schooling networks locally and non-mainstream schools. We are on the approved directory for Age Concern Birmingham. We work with charities with a huge variety of service users, old and young, we are looking into intergenerational skills sharing! 

We can engage you with the arts, promoting sustainable fashion through upcycling making useful pieces themselves which they will actually use. 

If you would like to discuss your needs please contact us at 

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