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Sustainable Textile Waste Management Research and Development in UP Lab


Our current offering is a very small step in the establishment of a circular economy in our town.

Clearly, keeping resources local and utilising them in new ways within the geographic location reduces emissions.

We are currently forced through lack of funding and investment to ship some items out of the country. We propose to change this.

We would like to use the existing waste management structures and expand them, the habitual change required starts small, but we confident we can start a circular economy and grow it.

The Loop Scheme provides a fabulous way of using most donations.

However, there are some items which can not be repurposed in garment sharing, second chance haberdashery or product generation.

We wish to explore sustainable ways of using this textile.

UP Lab is working alongside environmental defenders to find innovative ways of doing this.

Across the world humans are acknowledging we need to use these valuable textile resources, take a look at what’s happening.

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