Encouraging resourcefulness in our children

Woodlanders groups are born of a care for and reliance on or planet.

Our experienced Early Years Educators have developed a series of activities which encourages your little people to think about their choices and develop their knowledge of the land, and ingrain a life long love of our Earth through our Unplug and Play Drop In Sessions.

Each is based on the story written by ten year old Maximilian during Lockdown 2020, he imagines a planet cared for by the tiny Woodlanders. A hilariously mischievous group who have to clean up after the humans and find ingenious ways to stop humans ruining our habitat.

Woodlanders are famous for their grounded nature, which can be attributed to their roots. They do not sleep, but instead reground with meditation at day break and dusk.

Woodlanders encourage small humans to meditate themselves before and after play. After all, we all need a little grounding.

In our sessions you can learn more about the Woodlanders through exploring our greenspaces and earn upcycled textile badges for your Woodlanders Passport. We explore plants which are native to other land masses and why they are now in Britain and look at fabric through a new lense. We learn through play, in nature, whatever the weather.

Come dressed for mess.

Find out about Woody’s adventures (HERE- connect to intro animation)

We are currently exploring Forest School Accreditation and suitable location.

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