It is often said that humans are the virus upon the Earth. We need to respect our home and the key to this is individual habitual change.

You can learn more in our UPLab who concentrate on sustainable development for the arts and textile industries.

We have a duty to protect our home for our children. Our young people will currently inherit a huge environmental burden and we should acknowledge and inform them of that so they can be the change we need to see.

We would love to develop a network of Eco and Creative Councils could you help us make this a reality? We have a network of local schools interested in running for a place on our Eco Schools Creative Council and it can be tied in with your Eco School and Green Charter agendas to reinforce what we do on a practical level in Birmingham.

How do we get started?

  • We can provide you with a session online or in person to engage with the reality of fast fashion and what it is doing to our planet.
  • Interested students will be invited to create their own report/video/presentation addressing what they think is the biggest issue for the environment they live in and how they would deal with it.
  • UP Educators will come together virtually to evaluate.
  • We will choose two children from each school to represent the Eco Schools Creative Council.
  • We will engage in a series of virtual meets where we can agree with the children which to tackle and in which priority order.
  • We will put together resources and instruction video tutorials alongside the UP educators team and children.
  • The resources will be rolled out to the schools.
  • Celebration and IMPACT outcomes.

This is a fabulous way of engaging the children in out of school learning. Every online purchase, birthday gift or walk can be planet conscious and tied in with the national curriculum.

We also work with non-traditional school and education settings, including home schooling networks locally and non-mainstream schools. Please take a look at UP Greenspaces for more information about Forest Schools.

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