100% Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag- Natural

100% Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag- Natural


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100% Cotton Mesh Shopping Bag, with faux-leather shop tag – Natural

FITS IN A HUGE AMOUNT: Because of the mesh design, the bag can expand to a lovely size. You can fit so much in there!!

LIGHTWEIGHT AND FOLDABLE: You may be walking to the shop and don’t fancy lugging around a massive reusable shopping bag. These cotton mesh shopping bags scrunch or fold up to a tiny size and can even fit in your pocket.

JUST THROW IT IN THE WASH: Because these shopping bags are made from 100% cotton, it is as simple as chucking them in the wash to completely clean them ready for another day.

GENTLE ON YOUR HANDS: The handles are thick, soft and easy to grip. No abrasive nylon or thin plastic to cut into your hand. The long handle allows for it to be comfortably carried while slinging it around your shoulder.

Wash on a low temperature and dry flat or out on the line


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