The UP Shop Boutique Vintage inspired White Wedding Dress

The UP Shop Boutique Vintage inspired White Wedding Dress


This 1950’s inspired white lace wedding dress is worn once.

Debenham’s clothing brand, £250.00 new.

Size 14. Stunning flattering fit taking its inspiration from the 1950’s.

The UP Shop is part of UP Creative Hub CIC. By supporting our not for profit organisation you are ending the cycle of fast fashion and ensuring that garments are worn and enjoyed more than once.

The planet can not sustain the amount of clothing it is being demanded to produce, and we no longer value well made, well fitting garments. The UP Creative Community is dedicated to the circular revolution. As such we offer education settings workshops to discuss how with a little imagination, skill sharing and thought we can reduce, reuse and upcycle!

We wish to encourage this the circular economy and so offer a buy back scheme which allows you to borrow the item and return it for someone else to love.

We ask you cover postage and dry cleaning- and wear it responsibly! Every garment has its own Guest Book which documents its provenance and a message from those who have worn it before.

This item has been worn once to a Graduation Ceremony at University of Birmingham, it’s previous owner states “the dress gave me the confidence to walk down the ceremonial hall and stand on stage in front of hundreds of people”.

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Our Vintage Boutique showcases classic pieces that can be found Once in a Bluemoon!

Repurposing classic garments saves them from landfill and creates your unique style. Often vintage pieces are better made than fast fashion pieces from the High Street, the cut of many of our clothing is created to flatter your form, the fabric the best money could stretch to at the time.

We are inspired by all clothing and so you will find a true mix of the decades at affordable prices.

Only quality pieces are stocked, if you like a garment you’ll regret not buying it, they don’t often come in two’s.

The boutique is one way of funding our CIC so every purchase benefits our community with arts based outreach as well as the planet.



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