Wrap it UP Furoshiki Inspired Reusable Reversible Wrapping

Wrap it UP Furoshiki Inspired Reusable Reversible Wrapping


Reusable Reversible Fabric Wrapping Silver Rose and Silver Satin F002

Using upcycled fabrics destined for landfill, our UP Makers have been inspired by the beautiful art of furoshiki wrapping.

This Japenese gift giving tradition is much better for our planet, as we reject disposable cardboard or paper wrappings and reuse washable textiles.

Our reusable fabric wraps come in different patterns and sizes. Each is colour matched so that you can use either of their reversible sides. We can email you inspiration for different types of wrapping so you can find the best fold for your gift.

Why not garnish with scented herbs? Flowers or choose to personalise with an embroidery stitch?

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We are a collective of textile artists offering a creative way of consuming consciously.

Our focus on the planet and its efficiency as a home for people means we have developed a community which receives and processes donations of unwanted fabric. Our artists develop useful products using this discarded resource and UP Makers create beautiful items using their skill.

We are a community asset, legally it is called a Community Interest Company. This means we are 100% not for profit, we consider ourselves a social enterprise which uses unwanted items to show that with a little thought, skill and passion we need not keep consuming in a throw away culture.

We receive support from many sources, this retail section of our community reinforces the message that we can use preloved and repurpose items not discard. It also means we can raise funds which we ring fence to offer physical and online workshops which are free of charge to the participant.

Our workshops are artist led, using thrown away resources and engage those who would not necessarily have a chance otherwise.

Your purchase directly funds free art in your community.

See our section on partners and education to learn more.


550 x 650, 530 x 660, 500 x 660


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